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“He did an absolutely amazing job. Everyone said that he was one of the best speakers that we’ve had on campus.”

Katie Mozeleski, Cabarrus College

Odell has spoken for hundreds of colleges in 44 states since 2008. He is a dynamic, funny, and insightful presenter perfect for large and intimate audiences alike.

TRUE IMPACT® The 6 Levels of Influence

True impact comes from good intention, clear communication, and influence. In this presentation communication expert Odell Bizzell uncovers the 6 levels of influence that will help your leaders learn how to influence productivity, comradery, and success within your team.

Learning Outcomes:

After attending this presentation your leaders will be able to:

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Topic

The Talk: Empowering Diverse Leaders Through Positive Communication

Based on the business parable: Why I Fired My White Best Friend

How do we make diversity relevant and actionable in a world where everyone spews their opinions on social media?

This conversation is a high energy, engaging, and interactive discussion that helps students navigate through the banter and issues on their timelines. What Odell offers is an actionable plan to be more diversity minded.

Learning Outcomes:

There is only one Odell Bizzell II

“Sometimes we need that realistic boost of passion to keep us going, figure our what our purpose is so we can apply our passion and our purpose to this organization to make it stronger. Kudos to you, Odell, we really hope to see you again.”

Leslie Thomas, Ball State University

“If you want a wonderful, positive experience for a group of folks, bring Odell. He will make it happen. Seriously, he will make an impact, and a positive one.”

Elle Arredondo, Jobs For Montana’s Graduates

“This was our second venue with Odell. Everything including, planning, contract completion, to event set up and execution was seamless and prompt. His presentation is very relatable for students, staff, faculty and administration. Feedback from the event has been stellar.”

Terry Phillips, Davidson-Davie Community College

“We absolutely loved hearing from Odell during our speaker series. Odell is consistently full of energy and knowledge that he is willing to share with our students. His energy is uplifting and encouraging to our young students, and we cannot wait to work with Odell in the future!”

Sara Squires, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Odell can also customize a presentation for your group

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