Keeping Your Employees Engaged to Your Company’s Mission Through Communication

“Odell was amazing! His program was engaging and factual. He delivered the information in a way that was not attacking, but not sugarcoated. I appreciate the passion he had in this program and bellieve it was so needed. I would definitely recommend him.”

Ashley Jackson, Lourdes University

Odell Bizzell is a communication expert with over 15 years of experience. He works with companies that want their leaders to develop the communication skills necessary to create impact and more income.

Conflict resolution masterclass

How do we overcome conflict in the office, with our colleagues, and in our personal lives while maintaining a productive and positive mindset? That’s a great question and this masterclass answers it

Learning Outcomes:

After attending this workshop your employees and leaders will be able to:

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Topic

The Talk: Empowering Diverse Leaders Through Positive Communication

Based on the business parable: Why I Fired My White Best Friend

How do we make diversity relevant and actionable in a world where everyone spews their opinions on social media?

This conversation is a high energy, engaging, and interactive discussion that helps navigate through the banter and issues on your timelines. What Odell offers is an actionable plan to be more diversity minded.

Learning Outcomes:

Odell can also customize a presentation for your group.

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