Entertaining Presentations That Teach Success Through Storytelling

“Odell was phenomenal. Our students love him. He is an inspiration to them. We hope to see him in person at one of our future events.”

Pakayphet Phakeovilay, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Upward Bound

Odell Bizzell is an inspirational storyteller who is uniquely gifted at integrating lessons on financial literacy, student success, and GRIT into his stories. His high energy, funny, and dynamic speaking style is a hit with TRIO students and TRIO professionals. Explore this page to see how he can help inspire, motivate, and captivate your audience to help them achieve their dreams.

TRIO Speaking Topics

Refuse to Lose

4 Ways to Overcome the Major Obstacles in Student Success

1st generation college students face a ton of obstacles. We know that, but how do we help them overcome those obstacles? In this interactive presentation your students will learn what obstacles they will face in their quest to success and proven strategies to overcome those obstacles.

Learning Outcomes:

8 Things My Parents Didn’t Tell Me About Money​​

Financial Literacy for Teens​

A lot of grant funded programs seek out information to teach their students and parents about the process of financial aid among other things. This program goes beyond financial aid to get into college and breaks down the complexities of finances in a way that the teens can understand and immediately act on their new knowledge. This program is based off of the book 8 Things My Parents Didn’t Tell Me About Money and can be utilized throughout the course of a school year to help the points stick with the students.

Learning Outcomes:

How to Turn Your Students’ Academic Success into Career Success​

Research says that over 80% of the population is stuck in a job or career path that they don’t like. Do you want your students to learn the 7 secrets all high achievers use to reach the pinnacle of their careers?

Learning Outcomes:

Educational Resources for Students

The book that supplements trio speaker Odell Bizzell

The Success Choice

Contrary to popular belief we are not a product of our environment, but we are a product of our choices. In this book Odell points out 7 distinct choices that students should make in order to be successful in school and in life. This book is perfect for students planning to go to college or students currently in college.

After reading this book students will learn:

– The definition of success and how to obtain it.
– 10 strategies on how to attend college for free.
– 1 networking technique that will guarantee a successful future.

This book helps students understand and learn the model of achievement and an easy way students can choose to utilize it. This book will present over 40 questions for students to answer to lead them to a brighter future.

Perfected Passion Produces Prosperity​

Research says that over 80% of the population is stuck in a job or career path that they don’t like. Do you want your students to learn the 7 secrets all high achievers use to reach the pinnacle of their careers? If so this book will teach your students that and more.

In this short powerful book your students will learn:

– 3 things that career counselors will not teach you because they simply do not know.
– How to turn even the most insignificant interest into a successful career.
– 1 thing all students should consider before they declare a major.

8 Things My Parents Didn’t Tell Me About Money

The average college student graduates with over $30,000 worth of student loan debt and over $5,000 worth of credit card debt. The reason why they do is because of a lack of financial literacy. After being mentored by a millionaire and making his own mistakes author Odell Bizzell breaks down complex financial concepts into practical steps for students to follow to build their financial literacy.

After reading this book students will discover:

– How to avoid financial obstacles most people will fall into.
– Little known strategies to graduate from college debt-free.
– The best & first investment all teenagers should make.
– 1 secret underutilized strategy teens can use to instantly begin saving money.

“Tonight made me really stop and ask who am I and what is my purpose! I also now know I must challenge myself daily at all times.”

Tori Harwood, Salt Lake Community College

“Odell Bizzell was amazing to work with and very professional. I knew the presentation would be great, but it was even better than I was expecting. We receive a lot of positive feedback from those in attendance.”

Mandy Earl, Henry Ford College

“It can be hard grabbing the attention of high school students virtually. However, with Odell, that was not a problem. He was able to hold our students attention throughout his presentation by being relatable, engaging students with personal stories, posing intriguing questions, and kicking off the presentation playing music the students were familiar too.”

Lurtisha Wade Simon, Baton Rouge Community College Upward Bound Program

“Odell Bizzell was very accommodating of the messages we wanted delivered. Odell easily connected with our students and helped us start the year off right.”

Joshua Drahos, PrattMWP

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